4th Annual Turkey Nuclear Development Summit

4th Annual Turkey Nuclear Development Summit

1st – 2nd October 2015, Istanbul, Turkey

Developing nations are shaping the future of the nuclear power industry in order to sustain strong growth and provide cleaner & more reliable energy. Nuclear projects in Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Turkey, the host of the 2015 forum, are solid indicators of the development of the nuclear power industry.

Lnoppen’s 4th Annual Nuclear Energy Development Summitfeatured 23,the most prominent,industry leadersand government officials from across the region providing informative and inspiring discussions to discover new strategies &technologies that can assist in building a state-of-the-art nuclear energy infrastructure, to strengthen the nuclear energy development through international cooperation, to share the know how to improve and enhance safety culture and to learn from the global operating experience. The event also touched on the global nuclear industry development capabilities and future perspectives, localization, current nuclear power regulations and policies, human resource development and education as well as innovative approaches on nuclear reactor design and waste management.

While there were a number of outstanding speakers at the event, the Chairperson of the summit, Mr. Shah Nawaz Ahmad, Senior Advisor, India, Middle East and SEA at World Nuclear Association stood out by demonstrating that an event with such a crowded agenda can be ran smoothly. His years of experience in the industry made him a well-respected figure and the delegates listened intently to his comments and evaluation.

The 2015 conference was opened by Mr. Necati Yamaç, Deputy Undersecretary at Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Republic of Turkey, whom delivered the official welcome speech and provided insight on the development of Nuclear Energy Projects in Turkey, emphasizing the importance of energy projects and governments dedication to enhance domestic energy production capacity. His speech was followed Ms. Elina Teplinsky, Partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP presenting outlook of the global nuclear energy development to outline the prequisites of long term nuclear power competiveness by using SWOT analysis of the industry. Mr. Frantisek Pazdera, Consultant at Alta a.s. and Advisor to Vice-minister at Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic was next on the stage sharing the experience of Alta and Czech Republic in building nuclear supply chain and establishing an efficient resource management.

After the first tea break Dr. Kamal J. Araj, Vice Chairman & Commissioner for Nuclear Power Reactors at Jordan Atomic Energy Commission introduced the updates on the nuclear energy development project of Jordan. His presentation was extremely detailed and covered almost all aspects of the project. One of the most popular speakers at the event was Mr. David Powell, Vice President, Nuclear Power Plant Sales Europe at Ge-Hitachi. His presentation on the revolutionary Nuclear Reactor Design “Prism” and discussion on fuel management using Ge-Hitachi`s advanced recycling technology was exciting and inspiring.

Following Nuclear Climate panel was lead by Ms. Teplinsky. Her guests Ms Daniela Lulache, CEO of Nuclearelectrica, Dr. Kamal J. Araj and Mr. David Powell sharde insifht & perspectives to evaluate the development of nuclear energy, shared their views on how to support future investment decisions.

Following the lunch break Assoc. Prof. Dr. Latchesar Kostov, Chairman of Bulgaria Nuclear Regulatory Agency gave a presentation on Licensing of a New Nuclear Power Build;  followed by Mr. Arnaud Dupuis, Sales Area Manager Middle East at Hoppecke presenting their worldwide batteriesin seismic NPP applications.

A lively discussion on Panning Ahead was then held under the chair of Mr. Okan Demirkan, Lawyer at Kolcuoğlu Demirkan Koçaklı Attorneys At Law with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Latchesar Kostov, Mr. Mirosław Lewiński, Minister Counsellor, Nuclear Energy Department at Ministry of Economy, Poland and Mr. Mario van der Borst, Senior Executive, International Nuclear Projects at RWE Technology International. During the panel competitivenessof nuclear energy, future trends and tendencies of nuclear energy development, systems & technologies, safety & security considerations as well as efficient regulatory Infrastructure were questioned and the sincere panelists provided frank answers that gave birth to a fruitful debate.

Following the networking break Polish nuclear power program: current status and prospects were presented by Mr. Mirosław Lewiński. His presentation skills crowned the well prepared presentation in the late hours of the day. The third and the last discussion panel chaired by Dr. Necmi Dayday, Founding President & Board Chairman of NUTEK Inc. and the panel focused on the Localization aspect of the nuclear projects where prominent speakers Mr. Alain Vallee, Chairman of NucAdvisor France

and Mr. Yasin Kasırga, Business Development Manager at Alstom Power Turkey shared insight on the possibilities and current situation. The finalized by the closing remarks of the chairman.

Day two had a very lively start with the opening remarks and a critical look on nuclear power in the middle east presentation by the chairman. The momentum kept growing with H.E. Ambassador Mithat Rende, Chairman of the Executive Committee at OECD, whom delivered a keynote speech on the role of nuclear power generation and its potential effects on energy security, growth and developments policies. Evolution of the nuclear power infrastructure, Belgian NPP outlook and Myrrha project updates were presented by Prof. Dr. Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Deputy Director General at SCK•CEN, Director of the MYRRHA project, Chairman of the Governing Board of SNETP.

Following networking break Ms. Ivy Wong, Director, Business Development, Nuclear Power Plants at Westinghouse Electric Company was on the stage demonstrating their advance technology and willingness of participating in next NPP project of Turkey. Mr. Paliukhovich Vasili, Deputy Director, Nuclear Energy Department at Ministry of Energy Republic of Belarus spoke on “Developments in The Nuclear Power Program of Republic of Belarus”. Belarus is one of the emerging countries’ that is focusing on a nuclear power program, which is already in construction. Turkey’s legal approach to liability issues in case of nuclear accidents was presented by Ms. Zeynep Ahu Sazcı, Associate at Hergüner Bilgen Özek e Attorney Partnership just before the last networking break.

Mr. Pascal Gain, Vice President, Power Business Development at Corys introduced their  simulation for NPP human capacity building, Mr. Gaetan Deshais, Founding Partner & MENA Business Director at Thomas Thor Associates shared their advise and experiences on building a nuclear workforce. Ms. Gül Göktepe, Consultant at Nutek Inc, and Founder & President of WiN (Women in Nuclear) Turkey was the last expert on the stage delivering a lecture on nuclear safety culture management

Lnoppen thanks all our supporters, eminent speakers, participants and sponsors: ALTA a.s., Hoppecke, Corys, AEG, IMI CCI and ALE for their contributions to the event.


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